Controls on mobile apps - am I missing something?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jun 30 15:25:29 EDT 2016

Ben Rubinstein wrote:

> On 29/06/2016 00:28, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> People do all sorts of things.  Some might even have a 45-degree angled
>> progress bar.  Not everything folks might want comes in the tin. :)
> Yep, but lots of people want horizontal and vertical progress bars, which do
> come in our tin - they just look... merde.
> There's no reason that the progress bars and sliders that we put on our stacks
> shouldn't look like the ones here (from Scott's tmControls)
> or that radio buttons/checkboxes shouldn't look like any of these
> ... which aren't 'correct' - but wouldn't look embarrassing.

Well, there *are* reasons, but yes, for a product whose sales are so 
dependent on mobile it would seem a shift in priorities would be useful.

But while it's easy to write a sentence or two of things describing 
others to do, it's not quite as easy to actually do the work.

OS APIs change out from under the engine with expensive regularity, and 
all the while, even as mobile enhancements would indeed be valuable, 
there's a rather long list of other things we're asking them to do as well.

Stuck as we are in a world without magic ponies, which current 
development priorities would you prefer to see them set aside to write 
progress bar and slider widgets?

Would it perhaps be in the better interests of the community of 
scripters to put together a team to script those in LC Builder and let 
the C++ engineers remain focused on things requiring C++?

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