LiveCode throwing compile errors for a stack which previously worked

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Thu Jun 30 07:08:04 EDT 2016

All Computers Mac OS-X 10.9.5 - LiveCode 5.5 (I know, I'm obsolete, but I'm a
poor, retired Computer Engineer who "liveCodes" for FUN !)

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

I develop my Livecode stacks on several computers, and copy all my stacks to
my laptop. Sometimes I “clean up” a stack which works perfectly, but where I
can add comments, add a new idea, choose more efficient commands, etc.
(I love doing this in my favourite Bistrot, with morning coffee!)

As a result, most of my stacks remain in IDE mode, and if, ON MY LAPTOP, I call
LiveCode for any stack, it runs perfectly …. until I make ANY mods to my scripts
(often OpenStack, or my functions in Stack Scripts, etc). When I then "APPLY" my
mods to the script, my troubles begin  - only on my laptop, as I said before.

I get compile errors where none existed before :

(Chunk: can't create a variable with that name (explicitVariables)) near “LVMyDate”
char 29   (Note : All my Variables are named LVxxx or GVxxx).

If I then declare this variable Global, the error disappears, but another error pops
up further down the scripts (the error could EVEN reference a perfectly valid
field name - Strange !!!)

Now, if I copy my stack back to my main computer and make any modification
(even a comment), the stack runs perfectly, as before. 

I have noticed that opening several stacks concurrently in a LiveCode session, that
(global) variables for both stacks are generated in a unique global list :

        see :     put the globalnames into LVGlobList

so I imagine that a file “exists” during a LiveCode session, building (storing ?)
variables, fields names, etc. If this file is permanent, and gets corrupted, this may
explain my problem. Maybe if I scratch this file (if I can identify it, of course !),
LiveCode will recreate it next session,  and my problem will go away. 

I have downloaded Livecode 5.5 - Problem still there ......... Can I "Uninstall" it first ?

All this is theory, but seems perfectly logical to me, based on events, and, of course.
it only happens on my Laptop in very fixed conditions.

Can anybody confirm if my guesses are correct, point me to the file name if so, or
otherwise provide a solution ….  ?

(Nothing should ever be done for the first time !)

Go raibh maith agat go mór do aon chabhair


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