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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jun 28 11:25:09 EDT 2016

Todd Fabacher wrote:

 > I was just checking, I don't see a way to make an HTTP post back to a
 > web server.  Am I wrong? If it is not it in the pipeline?
 > I have a HUGE project that we are planning to do in Angular JS, but
 > would love to do in LiveCode HTML5.

LiveCode's post command will handle this with beautiful ease on all 
platforms - except HTML5.

The current build of the HTML5 export is unfortunately an island at the 
moment.  It does a pretty good job of bringing a stack into a browser, 
but does not yet have connectivity with the outside world via sockets, 
such as would be needed for HTTP.

For LC-built native apps this isn't a problem, of course.  And I believe 
at least half of the use cases in which people think they need to 
constrain their app within the confines of a browser could be more than 
adequately handled with native app implementations, mobile and desktop 

That said, there are some use cases that do require running inside of a 
browser, and at the moment those have no means of using the browser's 
inherent connectivity.

I believe this is being worked on now, but I don't have a timeline for 
that delivery.

In the meantime, if the ever-growing ubiquity of native apps still 
doesn't make them compelling enough to consider, even with the 
increasingly popular hybrid model using an embedded browser within a 
native app, another option is to use LC's wonderful layout capabilities 
to generated HTML/CSS, though that still leaves interactivity to be 
hand-translated to JavaScript.

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