Right-Clicks and Double-Clicks don't work in LC8

Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Thu Jun 23 13:12:10 EDT 2016

On 2016-06-23 18:46, MacBox at earthlink.net wrote:
> Although I’m not sure,of the exact culprit, I solved the issue by
> removing all plug-ins. I’ll have to find some time one day to go
> through them all to determine the offender, but in the meantime I can
> actually use LC8 now! Happy Days :)

Ah! Glad you found the cause.

It sounds like one of the plugins you have is not playing nicely with 
LC8 (or LC8 is not playing nicely with it!). If you have time to go 
through and find out which one is causing the problem at some point - 
that would be great - we can then determine if it is the plugin, or the 
IDE which is at fault!

Warmest Regards,


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