multiple field selection bug?

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Thu Jun 23 11:40:55 EDT 2016

> On Jun 23, 2016, at 7:21 AM, andrew <andrew at> wrote:
> Trying to decide if this is a "bug" or "feature", but it keeps pissing me off so
> I would like file it under the former.
> If I have the Property Inspector open to the Text tab and select multiple field
> objects, the textAlign of the last selected object gets applied to every object
> selected. I call this a bug, because the similar behavior is not applied to
> other properties like textSize or textFont.
> If the selected objects have different values, that value is blank in the
> Property Inspector and each object retains it's original property value. When I
> manually change that value (like size or style), it is then applied to every
> selected object (as expected). Except with textAlign, which is automatically
> changed (but ONLY when the Text tab is active in Property Inspector, not when
> any other tab is active). Seems like textAlign should behave like the other
> properties.

Agreed. It’s a bug. What version are you using? Have you reported it?

I’m actually seeing something slightly different, in 8.1.0.

1. Create several field objects with text in them.

2. Set the alignment of the various fields to different values.

3. Ensure one of the fields is selected and the property inspector is open to the Text tab.

4. Shift click the other fields to select them.

5. All of the text alignments change to left aligned.

This only happens if the selected fields are not all set to the same alignment. If they are all set to the same alignment, regardless of what it is, they all retain their alignment when selected together. If just one of the selected fields has an alignment that differs from the already-selected ones, all of the selected fields change to left aligned.

Andrew, if you have reported it, I’ll add my observations. If you haven’t I’ll report it.



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