Right-Clicks and Double-Clicks don't work in LC8

Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Thu Jun 23 17:46:50 CEST 2016

On 2016-06-23 17:31, MacBox at earthlink.net wrote:
> Double-clicking on a control, and Right-Clicking a control do nothing
> in LiveCode 8 in my user account (this has been true since the first
> DP release). Testing on another account does work, so I tried
> quitting, deleting the Livecode7.rev preference file in my account,
> and relaunching, but that did not solve the issue. What other file(s)
> do I need to delete?

I'm not sure that behavior would be affected by the preferences...

I just created a stack and a button, and set the button's script to 

on mouseDown
    put the millisecs && the params & return before msg
end mouseDown

on mouseDoubleDown
    put the millisecs && the params & return before msg
end mouseDoubleDown

on mouseUp
    put the millisecs && the params & return before msg
end mouseUp

on mouseDoubleUp
    put the millisecs && the params & return before msg
end mouseDoubleUp

Switched to browser mode and the output of the message box when clicking 
or double-clicking either the left or right button seem fine.

The engine allows to configure the 'double click interval' (the maximum 
time between two clicks for it to register as a double-click) and the 
'double click delta' (the maximum distance from the first click the 
mouse can move for a double-click to still register). The double click 
interval is controlled by 'the doubleClickInterval' global property, and 
the double click delta is controlled by 'the doubleClickDelta' global 
property. The doubleClickInterval is initialized from the system default 
when the engine starts up; the doubleClickDelta is by default 4 pixels.

Try doing 'put the doubleClickDelta' and 'put the doubleClickInterval' 
in the message box on the user account which is broken (in this regard) 
and the one that is not.

Also, whether or not the mouse recognises clicking on the right side as 
a right click, there is an option in Mouse System Preferences which 
allows you to configure what the 'secondary' click is. If you turn off 
'secondary click', then you have to use Ctrl-Click to get a Right-Click 
- this setting is per user account so it might be worth checking that 

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