htmlText not supporting target in <a href="xxx">?

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Hi Richard & Monte,

The problem is that I am creating html text that will be stored in a database, to be retrieved by a PHP site.
The user gets an easy interface to manipulate this html, but a major issue is that when the user adds links to PDF files, they need to open in a new window.
And the only way I know, is to add a “target” to the link…

so now I’m kinda stuck… bummer :-(

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> On 21 jun. 2016, at 15:51, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> Monte Goulding wrote:
> > Ah… the target attribute is not supported by htmlText. htmlText is
> > a limited subset of html that supports only field chunk properties.
> > There’s no guarantee on round-tripping your htmlText.
> Given how much of modern HTML makes good use of CSS, the range of things one can round-trip through htmlText is close to zero.
> And that's not bad, given that they're designed for entirely different purposes:  HTML provides content and structure for web pages in a browser, and htmlText uses HTML-like conventions to provide a plain-text representation of a field's content and styles.
> @Ton: If you use Mike's script to trap the linkClicked message the URL will open in a new window anyway (a browser window), so you'll have what you're looking for without an extra target attribute.
> @Monte: Some time ago Mark Waddingham floated the notion of adding "xmlText" as a synonym for "htmlText", eventually deprecating the latter.  I like the idea since it helps manage expectations about what htmlText is designed for.  Is that still seen as desirable?
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