Get url "file:///..."

Monte Goulding monte at
Mon Jun 20 22:20:31 EDT 2016

> On 21 Jun 2016, at 11:37 AM, Jim Hurley <jhurley0305 at> wrote:
> Thanks for all the suggestions. So far no luck with any.
> No combination of back slashes work, and urlDecode() simply returns the file name.
> Sarfari opens the file with no difficulty.
> Apparently Sarfari does something that LiveCode's  "get Url" doesn't.

It is a quirk/anomaly of our language that file, binfile and resfile urls are not RFC1630 compliant. I’m pretty sure they were implemented before the RFC.. They are presumed to not be URL encoded and to not include “//[<host>]“. Unixes should cope fine with the extra “//“. They won’t like the URL encode path though.



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