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Mon Jun 20 12:58:49 EDT 2016

On 2016-06-20 16:38, Richmond wrote:
> Thank you very much indeed for the comprehensive reply.
> I shall deal with the children's confusion by using neither 'object'
> or 'control' and
> just refer to buttons, fields and so on.
> I know this is dodging the issue; but I can see no other way round it
> at the moment.

That seems entirely reasonable!

At the end of the day it is no different from the techniques I've 
observed myself being used used to teach many other what-you-might-call 
'technical' disciplines

In Mathematics, we are taught 'Calculus' as almost a purely symbolic 
mechanism first (usually at age 17-18 in the UK) which comes with a 
whole load of 'edge cases' you just have to accept and then only in 
later years is it 're-explained' based on the epsilon-delta arguments of 
'Analysis' (usually at first year degree level). (Amusingly I remember 
having real trouble getting my head around the idea of epsilon-delta 
arguments - my head had been so entrenched in the computably finite 
world of computing at that point that 'tending to a limit' seemed a 
somewhat impossible notion).

Similarly, I remember my first A-level Chemistry class (age 17) where we 
were told - "all you have been told up until now has been 'lies'" in 
particular with relation to the structure of the atom and bonding.

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