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Mon Jun 20 10:36:43 CEST 2016

On 19/06/2016 15:28, Richmond wrote:
> So:
> Should I stop using the word 'Object' for Buttons, Fields and so on while
> teaching children, and make sure I refer to all of those things as
> 'Controls'; even if only
> for the simple reason that the menus keep referring to 'Controls'?

All controls are objects.

Not all objects are controls.

Stacks and cards are excellent examples of objects that are not controls.

"object" and "control" are NOT synonymous.  If you find a place in the 
documentation where the words are used inappropriately, it would be 
great to get it fixed.  However, search-and-replacing "control" to 
"object" would not be useful, accurate, sensible, or acceptable.


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