Control? Object? admin at
Sun Jun 19 12:56:04 EDT 2016

To me the terms "control" and "object" are synonymous. When someone talks of
"controls" I immediately assume they come from a C+ background, whereas if
they refer to "objects" I feel more at home.  On the other hand, "the number
of controls" is standard syntax and "the number of objects" throws an error.

However, is a card or stack an "object"? The word "canvas" has started to
appear recently which I find a bit disconcerting!

Hugh Senior

> I am currently teaching some children Livecode programming and ran into
> some difficulty
> on Friday when a child asked me why the menus were full of the word
> "Control"
> when I had been talking about "Objects".
> Well?
> How about changing every use of the word "Control" to "Object"?
> Enhancement Request 17879
> Richmond.

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