Control? Object?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jun 19 09:19:21 EDT 2016

Richmond wrote:

 > So there is no question of 'reserved words'; there is a simple case
 > of a state of BAD confusion that needs to be sorted out, 2 words
 > being used for one thing, or, rather one set of things:
 > either:
 > 1. Dump the word 'object' and only use 'control', or
 > 2. Dump the word 'control' and only use 'object'.


3. Recognize that controls are a subset of objects and move on to worry 
about more interesting things.

All birds are animals, but not all animals are birds.

Objects are software nouns, and controls are the subset of those nouns 
that you can directly manipulate, or, if you will, "control".

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