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Sat Jun 18 11:03:02 EDT 2016

Graham Samuel wrote:

 > I’m much like Peter. It takes me long enough to keep up with this
 > list so I don’t follow the forums. Is this a mistake?

We've entered the phase of growth in which our problem is the very one 
we would most want to have:  there's too much discussion about LiveCode 
around the world for any single person to follow all of it.

This list and the forums are just the two biggest.  We also have some 
social media groups with their own conversations as well:

LinkedIn (also the best place to post LC-related contract and job offers 
by virtue of its 2400+ members):


Google Plus:

And of course searching Twitter for hashtag #LiveCode brings up many 
good things from time to time:

There's also an IRC channel that Peter Brett set up for us on Freenode:

The Q&A on Stack Overflow is often enlightening:

There's even a section for LiveCode on Reddit:

And there are some language-specific venues, such as MaxV's Italian 
LiveCode Forum (which includes multi-lingual translation and his blog 
has many very useful goodies, so it's worth visiting no matter what 
language you speak):

For the Spanish speakers among us there's Livecode Latinoamérica on FB:

There are also countless blogs and other web sites where folks discuss 

Too much for any one of us to read it all, that's a great problem to have.

If you are interested in spending time in the forums, the best way I've 
found to handle the multiple sections and posting volume is to just use 
the New Posts link near the top of the page.  The first time you do the 
list will be long, but subsequent visits will list only new posts since 
you were last there, keeping things tidy and current.

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