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Fri Jun 17 18:37:54 EDT 2016

HI Folks

I've done some work on preferences recently and there are a number of issues but I think the core of it is preferences are currently undocumented. I've started and we will document more as we touch each preference. If anyone from the community is interested to contribute to that effort it would be a great help. 

The next issue is in many cases there are still older that scripts get and set custom properties directly on the revPreferences stack rather than go via the revIDEGetPreference and revIDESetPreference. This makes it difficult for us to switch to a non-stackFile based data store. Only recently did we notice there was a setProp handler on the revPreferences stack that was interfering with the menu! Again if anyone wants to contribute to changing preference getters and setters to use the API they are more than welcome.

Regarding IDE stacks not being where they are meant to be I have done some work on this recently with a focus on multiple screen issues. Many IDE stacks were using the screenRect and the screenLoc rather than line (the screen of this stack) of the working screenRects. If anyone wants to see and comment on my changes and suggest others here is my proposed patch.

There are still issues with:

- saving stack rects in preferences in combination with multiple screens where if you have a few different common screen arrangements (for me either just my laptop as main screen or my 27 inch monitor as main screen and my laptop and another monitor on each side) the IDE should remember where you want things for that screen arrangement.
- saving screen rects while a stack is in a maximized/Mac fullscreen state rather than saving the state. This requires some support at engine level for control and awareness of the maximized state of a window. Dealing with fullscreen state on Mac is rather high priority now that 10.11 has defaulted toplevel windows to have the fullscreen rather than zoom button.



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> On 18 Jun 2016, at 1:35 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
>  What exactly is the IDE doing that makes its prefs file so pervasively brittle?

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