Windows 10 script editor problem

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Thu Jun 16 21:17:08 CEST 2016

Did you try checking the editor window's location or topLeft and verifying
that it's within the screenRect?


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>Hi all,
>I have a student who is trying to run 8.1.0DP1 on her Windows 10 laptop.
>It installs and launches, and she can open a stack, but when she tries to
>open a script editor window, it does not appear. There is a tab for it on
>the task bar, but clicking on the tab doesn¹t bring up the editor window.
>It¹s almost like it¹s invisible or off screen somewhere. I tried showing
>IDE windows in the View menu, and I can see it in the Project Manager
>list, but again, it won¹t appear on the screen. Setting the visibility to
>true doesn¹t help, neither does setting the loc to somewhere on screen.
>Has anybody run into this with LC 8? Maybe there¹s something about
>Windows 10 I don¹t get, like some sort of virtual desktop, ³Spaces² thing.
>Any ideas appreciated.
>Devin Asay
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