Need Help With String Pattern Matching

Quentin Long cubist at
Tue Jun 14 17:54:52 EDT 2016

sez Gregory Lypny:
> Thank you for the tips on string pattern matching. I?m
> used to Mathematica?s string pattern syntax, which is
> probably built on regex, but I can see the similarities in
> your nice examples, particularly the using of
> alternatives [Joe|Anges]. While Mathematica?s string
> functions are insanely extensive and their implementation
> far more powerful that those in LiveCode, they can
> become arbitrarily slow if used repeatedly in loops, and
> unfortunately, my procedure requires repeating the
> functions over tens of thousands of files. That is why I
> want to build an alternative procedure in LiveCode.
Hold it. You're saying you don't want to use regex in *LiveCode* because a more-complex feature is too slow in *Mathematica*? I'm not sure how to connect those dots, myself. Why not give regex in LiveCode a shot anyway?
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