strange experience in Windows standalone with windowshape

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Jun 14 15:38:16 EDT 2016

Hi Klaus:

I may not have seen all your responses, but did you try adding "with
messages" to your code or delaying the card advance using "end in"?

wait 5 secs with messages


send "goNextCard" to me in 5 seconds

command goNextCard
   go next cd
end goNextCard


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On 6/14/16, 6:56 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of Klaus major-k"
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>Hi all,
>i have a stack with a "splash" screen which has an windowshape set.
>I has a script like this:
>on opencard
>  wait 5 secs
>  go next cd
>end opencard
>In a standalone on a Mac, everything works as exspected, on Windows
>I see NOTHING for 5 secs and then second card of this stack appear and
>the stack HAS the windowshape set!?
>Now if I remove the windowshape (set to 0 again), everything works as
>LC 8.01, Windows 7. Works also fine in the IDE!
>Anyone else seen this?
>Klaus Major
>klaus at
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