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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Jun 14 14:25:21 EDT 2016

Mike Kerner wrote:
 > Here's all I can say about Apple in the last few years.  Tim Cook is
 > no Steve Jobs.

Agreed, but at the risk of veering off into cheeseland here I'll say 
that's not entirely a bad thing.

Steve was a gifted product designer, and indeed his loss is a loss for 
not just Apple but all of us.  They'll continue to make good products, 
but we haven't seen anything like the excitement he was able to 
generate, and I'm not sure we ever will.  He was one of a kind.

But on balance, Cook seems a more cool-headed leader, less prone to the 
sort of anger fits that gave us his Adobe revenge with the iOS SDK v4 
Section 3.3.1 debacle, and others.  I can't imagine Cook would lie to 
his oldest friend to trick him out of money he had earned.  And if Cook 
had produced a child, I imagine he'd pay child support without a court 

And apparently, they even disagreed over whether mounting years of 
expensive lawsuits was a smart thing to do:

After Steve passed Cook negotiated a truce with Samsung.

I don't think Jobs was a bad person, or even a bad leader.  Obviously he 
did a lot of good for Apple's growth.  But we was definitely volatile, 
and like many, complicated.

Personally, I feel I can rely on Cook more, that his stewardship may be 
less interesting, but more predictable, in ways that benefit business 
planning with such a partner.

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