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"All" means all.

On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 12:17 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com
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> Mike Kerner wrote:
> >
> > I emailed Kevin and proposed another funding round, for universal
> > voice support across all platforms for all digital assistants. We
> > paid Monte to give us hooks into Dragon (for both voice in and out),
> > because Siri wasn't available.
> With all due respect to you and the dev team, I hope that before we pull
> them away into new platform-specific features we first tighten up the loose
> ends with Windows.
> I know that Mac represents a disproportionately large segment of our
> audience, but what we use to develop on is less important than where we
> deliver to our customers.  Many of us who use LiveCode chose it because
> SuperCard is exclusively Mac.  Even if we develop on Mac or Linux, the
> majority of most of our income comes from Windows users, and our income is
> what enables LC's income.
> So it's critically important we look past direct download counts at
> livecode.com and look instead and general market share when prioritizing
> platform-specific features.
> The Mac audience may be two to three times larger than Linux, but both are
> niches compared to the 86% using Windows.
> The new macOS features outlined at WWDC yesterday are very exciting and I
> share your enthusiasm for seeing direct support for them in LC, whether as
> engine enhancements or as community-driven libraries using LC Builder's
> ability to call OS APIs.
> But ideally any near-term development to support OS-specific features for
> Mac or Linux would be coming from the community, so the engine team can
> continue their good focus on bringing the Windows engine up to parity with
> the Mac in terms of common features and robustness.
> Certainly a Feature Exchange would offset direct costs, but unless it's
> large enough to hire more devs it represents an opportunity cost.
> Let's tidy up Windows right now, and if we're really itching to get going
> on Mac-specific features let's see if we can use the last successful
> fundraiser for extending LC Builder's API support to empower
> community-driven development there.
> Along those lines, once that's in hand I'd love to see if anyone here has
> time and interest to explore how we might use that API access to handle
> menus in Ubuntu as they are on the Mac for better integration with Ubuntu
> Unity, but that's a different thread....
> > For those keeping score at home, I think there are now 5: Siri,
> > Google Now, Cortana, Alexa, and Dragon, serving different
> > platforms. It would therefore be great to have a way to get voice
> > recognition and voice feedback on all.
> There's also Mycroft AI, a free and open system that's been getting some
> good news coverage lately:
> https://mycroft.ai/
> They got seed funding from a very successful Kickstarter campaign:
> <
> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aiforeveryone/mycroft-an-open-source-artificial-intelligence-for
> >
> I met the devs at the SoCal Linux Expo a few months ago. Impressive team,
> impressive project. And being open source, anyone can tailor it for their
> needs however they want.
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