[OT-ish] WWDC things of interest

Colin Holgate colinholgate at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 10:24:14 EDT 2016

Something else from yesterday, macOS 10.12 has a new feature where applications that didn’t have a tabs feature before suddenly do now. I’ve tried that with SketchUp, and it works well. The system inserts a Show Tab Bar into the top of the View menu.

In some cases that option is there but doesn’t get you very far, the tab bar shows without a + at the end, so you can’t add more tabs. That happens in Starry Night and in Mail.

LiveCode is different though, it doesn’t show the new menu item at all. I’m not sure if it would be that useful in LiveCode, in that very often stacks are different sizes, which wouldn’t work well as tabs in a single size window. But, it’s just curious that LiveCode must be doing menus or windows in a non-standard way.

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