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Alex Tweedly wrote:

 > On 13/06/2016 17:16, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Lyn Teyla wrote:
 >> > You can create any sort of polished UI that can be accomplished
 >> > using web views, and use Angular, Bootstrap, and other established
 >> > web-based UI frameworks to speed up the process.
 >> >
 >> > You can place your UI code on a server and update it on the fly.
 >> We can do that with downloadable stacks now.
 > Unless we are on IOS ??

Apple's current policy is not entirely clear on this, and the company 
reserves the right to change policies at any time.  As we saw with iOS 
SDK v4 Section 3.3.1, they have demonstrated a willingness to introduce 
unexpected changes, even those that cause significant loss across many 
segments of the developer community, so there's no way to rely on any 
specific Apple policy when making business plans.

As for the moment, my understanding of the current policy is to try to 
prevent approving an app that later morphs itself into something else.

If a downloaded stack file contains no LiveCode Script, it should in all 
fairness be given the same allowance any other binary data for being 
downloadable for use in the application.

With behaviors this is relatively straightforward, allowing developers 
to extend an application's content and provide additional functionality, 
perhaps even using Apple's in-app purchasing where appropriate.

For stack files that contain code, there does appear to be a restriction 
on those, but it's unclear how well it's enforced or if they'd even care 
given how LC Script can't operate outside the sandboxed bounds of the LC 
engine embedded in the app that was approved.

Still, it may be prudent for those concerned about the possibility of 
having an app pulled to take on the additional expense and delayed 
update time for your users by bundling new code into an entirely new app 
build for that one OS.

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