csvToText Repository

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Mon Jun 13 18:11:41 CEST 2016

I too have a preference for the MIT license.

(Could you also correct the spelling of my name - on Github, you have an 
extra 'e' in Tweedley; Tweedly is enough. Thanks :-)


On 13/06/2016 17:08, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Mike Kerner wrote:
> > Richard and Alex, do we have a preference for which license to
> > release the code under?  Peter was asking, on the dropbox thread,
> > that we specify it.
> Good idea.  Not only is Github strongly encouraging more explicit 
> license declaration, but it's also just a good move to help anyone who 
> wants to use the code know how they can do so.
> As I wrote earlier, I don't think there's any of my code in there 
> anymore, and while some incidental portions may have come from others 
> I think that's all Alex Tweedly.
> If we were voting I'd suggest MIT License, so Alex continues to retain 
> credit for his good work and is absolved from liability, while the 
> code could be used in both GPL and proprietary works.
> But of course it's up to him to choose a license that he feels 
> reflects his own goals and preferences for that.

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