New sections for This Week in LiveCode

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Mon Jun 13 08:39:04 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,

With Panos's help I've added two new sections to the 'This Week in 
LiveCode' newsletter.

- The "Bug Report of the Week" showcases one of the most useful or most 
interesting bug reports that we've received recently, with some notes on 
why we thought it was particularly worthy of attention

- The "Help Needed" section is for anyone who's felt like getting 
involved in the LiveCode open source project but has found it hard to 
find a good area to which to contribute.  Each week the newsletter will 
list some interesting tasks of various types and difficulties that might 
be a good starting point.  If you feel like tackling one of them, let me 
know and I'll provide as much support as I can.


Dr Peter Brett <peter.brett at>
LiveCode Technical Project Manager

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