[OT] building hpkg packages for Haiku OS

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Jun 12 17:51:37 EDT 2016

JB wrote:

 > I was reading a little about it and it said it is a open source
 > OS built using JAM.  Then I read a little about JAM and it said
 > JAM has Efficient C bindings*
 > Since LiveCode is written in C++ it might mean it could be
 > incorporated easily.

"Easily" is relative.

LiveCode is not an island.  It's a system that carefully factors our 
common LiveCode Script to provide seven different sets of interfaces to 
underlying OS calls.

I suppose there are some things that are truly generic across platforms, 
but anything touching GUI elements, file systems, or other OS-controlled 
things are likely not so "easy" to write all over again for another OS.

Haiku was originally BeOS, a wonderful system with many interesting and 
somewhat advanced features.

But after Apple passed on it in favor of the much-more-expensive NeXT, 
Be languished, eventually becoming open source under a new trademark as 

BeOS was an unusual system.  I would imagine porting the LC engine to it 
would be at least as expensive as porting the Mac build from Carbon to 
Cocoa, but without any of Apple's tools or libraries to help.

But then again I've never done C programming for BeOS.  If it seems easy 
to port LC to it don't let me stop you. :)

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