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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jun 10 13:00:19 EDT 2016

Earlier I wrote:
 > I can update the article to use a non-numeric name, but before I do
 > it's worth exploring that relative to whichever version you have on
 > Github, since there was at least one later version which appeared to
 > be faster but turned out to cover fewer edge cases.

I've done some initial testing, and with the common test data in the 
article both functions return the same result.  The one from your GitHub 
site is about 30% slower, but apparently for good reason:  when testing 
on other CSV files I use locally, I found at least one edge case where 
the new algo handles some escaped escapes better.

I've updated my article with the new code, along with updating the URL 
that points to LiveCode and the URL to the source, now pointing to your 
Github repository:


The only suggestion I would make for the Github repo is in the Read Me:

While I believe I may have initiative the first of the several threads 
suggesting we should pull our minds together and solve the CSV issue for 
LiveCode, we've also had so many contributions to the source I no longer 
recall who suggested the first posted version, and many people 
contributed ideas along the way.

So where your Read Me says:

   Originally a project by Alex Tweedley to improve Richard's code,
   we eventually put it in the community...

...it may be more accurate to say:

   After a community process with many contributors, Alex Tweedly
   came up with what is currently the most robust general-purpose
   CSV parser.

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