Mark Wieder mwieder at ahsoftware.net
Fri Jun 10 12:46:26 EDT 2016

Mark Waddingham <mark at ...> writes:

> As an addendum, Fraser just reminded that even this is entirely useless 
> on Linux.

OK - 'flaky' was a bad choice of words here. Point taken.

And yes, the replacement for the hasMemory function was actually just
an afterthought. What I really was after is what the OS thinks is the amount
of free non-virtual ram, for use in error reporting.

Since all modern operating systems will happily dish out virtual memory
and swap things around, I agree that seeing if you can allocate a block of
memory of a given size is somewhat less useful. What might be more useful,
though, is determining whether swap space is being used, which could have
significant impact on program responsiveness.

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