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Fri Jun 10 11:27:44 EDT 2016

Mark Wieder wrote:

 > After spending part of a day playing around with LCB, I'm concluding
 > it's really not worth the effort. I got all excited seeing some of
 > what Dar's been turning out, but I can't see there's anything to gain
 > by turning a working library into an extension, and a lot of wasted
 > time to lose.

LC Builder is very exciting for the things that distinguish it: 
providing a means of encapsulating custom controls in Widgets far more 
cleanly for the end-user than is currently possible with groups, and for 
accessing binary APIs from system components.

But like Kevin says, of the three options we have for writing code that 
can be executed in LC (externals written in C, LC Builder, and LC 
Script), LC Script is the fastest to develop in, so it remains an 
excellent choice.

After all, LC Builder is not here to replace LC Script, but to augment it.

What's working well in LC Script should for the most part remain working 
going forward, getting only better and ever more capable where LC 
Builder can add things that may be needed.  But where LC Builder isn't 
necessary LC Script is fine by itself.

LC Script is, after all, the primary language of LiveCode and the reason 
we're all here.  It isn't going away.  Continue to enjoy it.

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