The 'startup' message not working in IDE

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Thu Jun 9 04:40:10 CEST 2016

The dictionary claims that it is legal syntax (in 7 and 8). The example therein shows that handler locals can be declared and assigned values at runtime using a do in a loop. I would never have thought of that!

> On Jun 8, 2016, at 7:27 PM, Mark Wieder <mwieder at> wrote:
> On 06/08/2016 05:50 PM, Dar Scott wrote:
>> I'm curious about this, too.
>> I often assign values for script variables.
> I'm used to doing that as well in most other environments.
> Maybe it's just my faulty memory, but I think I remember discussions here about not relying on assigning values to local or script variables at declaration time because it's not an officially supported syntax.
> I've stayed away from doing it for that reason, and I'd be quite happy to be wrong about this. Possibly the engine/parser now supports this syntax, possibly I'm misremembering or thinking of a different discussion of a different topic...
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