Change LC Server default output encoding?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jun 8 13:24:42 EDT 2016

Peter TB Brett wrote:
> On 08/06/2016 18:15, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> How can one use UTF-8-encoded files with LC Server and have the encoding
>> preserved?
>> See this thread for background:
> Try putting the string "encoding: utf-8" somewhere in the first or
> second line of the server source file.

Thanks.  That'll help for new pages created for LC Server, but the 
challenge that user has is she also has many legacy pages in which she 
hasn't yet added LC tags, and she's like to have the UTF-8 encoding 
preserved when LC returns them to Apache.

Is there a way to specify default output encoding with LC Server? 
Should there be?  UTF-8 seems to be the most commonly used by other 
other systems.

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