OT: Once more

Mike Bonner bonnmike at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 23:07:11 CEST 2016

One more OT question if I may.  My current project uses a pi with a long
range wifi dongle (an alpha), and hostapd so that the pi acts as an access
point.  Everything is working great.. Except when i try to connect with my

I had at first thought that the wifi was drawing too much power from my
battery pack and when I tried to connect it shut the pi down, but it
appears that is not the case. I can connect from various windows machines,
from linux, from android devices.. I can't test with IOS unless I borrow
hardware to do so, but everything I've tried EXCEPT the mac connects fine.
(If it was a power issue a y cable adapter would have solved it, but

Unfortunately, when it decides to crash on connection from my mac, it does
it with extreme prejudice.. On reboot I haven't managed to find any logs
telling me WHY.  (I may be able to change how caching works so that there
are no delayed writes.. maybe that will help)

Has anyone had trouble connecting to a pi that is running hostapd with a
mac?  And if so, was it fixable?

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