OT: Pi tripod case

Mike Bonner bonnmike at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 16:11:35 EDT 2016

I'm looking for a decent pi camera case with a tripod adapter on the bottom
(so that pictures are correct orientation without worrying about rotating
them)  Since most cases are set up so that correct rotation is attained
with the usb cables poking out the bottom, the case would have to use an
offset adapter of some type for my wifi dongle to poke out the bottom.
(cabled dongle, so there is some flexibility (no pun intended) as far as
clearance goes)

I have a project pretty much done (with lc server/picam on the pi being
remote controlled long distance by an lc application grabbing snapshots)
but having a more functional casing option will make a huge difference in
the final product.  A custom print with a hole to cement in the right size
nut, or with a threaded hole would be fine, but chances that I'll ever own
a 3d printer is slimmer than none.  Plus my fabrication skills for this
sort of thing aren't so good, so I guess i'm looking for an affordable
pre-made, or affordable 3rd party that can print a few cases for me.


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