How to change the color of the text in a disabled button ?

RM richmondmathewson at
Tue Jun 7 05:02:42 EDT 2016

That's all rather odd as the text in a button, regardless of what the 
textColor is set to goes grey
as soon as it is disabled.

If one groups the button and then disables the group the button text is 
also greyed out.

If one takes a snapshot of a button and then uses the resultant image as 
a button that, also, won't
do any good as one cannot DISABLE an image.


On 7.06.2016 11:47, Jacques Hausser wrote:
> I would like to, for aesthetic reasons. Is it possible (without going so far as writing a widget)? And, as we are there, what about the colors of a field’s scrollbar ? I’m not a fan of the Apple aesthetical dictatorship…
> Jacques
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