LC 8 window resize not possible on W7

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Mon Jun 6 06:00:28 EDT 2016


I have a new LC 8 program, launched by a splash stack, hiding the splash
stack and going to the "main program". The mainstack of the "main program"
has set "resizable" to true (with a min width and min height). Resizing
works fine on my W10 and W8 and OS X machine.

Now I found a W7 Sony Vaio notebook, where I can't resize the window with
the mouse. The cursor even doesn't change to the "resize arrows", when
hovering the edge of the window. I only can "maximize" via the button in the
title bar. Other program windows on the same Sony machine are resizable as


Any idea what is happening on that machine? Is there any other setting,
which could have an influence on the resiability of a LC window? Could that
be an issue of the graphic adapter or a bug of LC?

Any ideas appreciated





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