Feature Exchange any one?

Monte Goulding monte at appisle.net
Sun Jun 5 19:17:02 EDT 2016

> On 6 Jun 2016, at 8:29 AM, Ali Lloyd <ali.lloyd at livecode.com> wrote:
> Thanks for this Paul, I have taken the liberty of tweaking it slightly more
> and submitted a pull request:
> https://github.com/livecode/livecode-ide/pull/1218/files
> Now all we need to do is convert the guide to markdown ;-)

I’ve got to admit I’ve had some projects in the past that were heavy DG users and this was a major annoyance so thank you Paul! It just goes to show that if you are frustrated by something in LiveCode it is no longer a black box where you need to just post a bug report and wait for the team to find time to fix it and the team has your back (it’s very late on a Sunday night for Ali!).



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