Cubist's first bug report

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Sun Jun 5 13:47:58 EDT 2016

What's the culprit for that? I dare say:

= It's not the random (as Mark S. proved with his example)
= It's not a random-incompatible "add" (see example below)

It is the basic problem that LC has with counting items,
lines, words or other chunks. The number of <chunks> is
defined in a logically inconsistent way.

Example that works correctly:

local f="OUT", c=","
on mouseUp
  lock screen; lock messages
  put the millisecs into m1
  put empty into fld f
  put 0 into s[1]; put 0 into s[2]; put 0 into s[3]
  repeat 10000
    add 1 to s[random(3)]
    put cr & s[1] &c& s[2] &c& s[3] after s0
  end repeat 
  put the millisecs - m1 &cr& \
        s[1]+s[2]+s[3] &cr& s0 into fld f
  unlock screen; unlock messages
end mouseUp 

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