LC 8 Random crash with QT set the filename of player on OS X

Monte Goulding monte at
Fri Jun 3 20:37:00 EDT 2016

If there’s a reliable crash please post a bug report with the crash log and we can symbolicate it and try and resolve it. It would also be interesting to know which version of LC you are using and whether the crash happens with an AVFoundation player (using a different movie of course). 

Having said that what worries me the most about this conversation is the use of QuickTime. One of my tasks this sprint is to document and clarify the use of dontUseQT and also remove the IDE preference to load QT automatically as it is too dangerous to leave that preference from old versions of LiveCode active.

Here’s the current status:

 - QT hasn’t been supported by Apple for years
 - QT has security warnings to uninstall from Windows
 - QT can not be supported on Mac 64 bit

It is basically a bomb in your app waiting to go off so we should be encouraging everyone mentioning the use of QuickTime to re-encode unsupported videos as a high priority.



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