Price Rising and a hard decision

Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at
Thu Jun 2 12:47:57 EDT 2016

Well, I’ve thought long and hard about this decision and have put it off time and again struggling to hang on for the last few years while watching my commercial licenses run out. With the push towards doubling the price of LiveCode by the end of the year I can no longer afford to keep up with these ‘improvements' that I thought would be so awesome way back before the start of the original Kickstart campaign. I’m done. I’ve got no more to give. It’s been a great fun ride this past decade or so and the people! WOW the people I’ve met along the way are just awesome and have been the heart and soul of this experience for me. I wish I could hang on and see the promise of a truly great product come true but it’s just too expensive for me.

Time to rethink what role the Community version can play, if any, in my plans.

Thank you everyone for everything,

Tom McGrath

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