Use of the "Send" command

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Jun 1 15:00:11 EDT 2016

I want to send a message with parameters after a interval to an object.

The is just 'send "myMessage" to tObject in 200 milliseconds' - works fine.

When I want to invoke a message with multiple parameter, I generally use
"dispatch" so I can so something like 'dispatch "myMessage" to tObject
with tParam1,tParam2,tParam3' where the variable tParam1,2,3 can contain
pretty much whatever I want

However, if I have variable tParam1 say with
'C:\somefolder\someotherfolder\somefile.txt' and tParam2 with 'some text
with "quotes" in it" to write' and tParam3 with a boolean true|false, I
am having problems constructing a send in time that works.

I have a handler for myMessage in tObject that is

on myMessage pParam1, pParam2, pParam3
   -- do stuff
end myMessage

but constructs like

send "myMessage"&&tParam1&comma&tParam1&comma&tParam3 to tObject in 100
send ("myMessage"&&tParam1&comma&tParam1&comma&tParam3) to tObject in
100 milliseconds

does not map the parameters correctly. i.e. if I look at the values of
pParam1,2,3 in the myMessage handler I get parts of the values passed or
none at all. Most often I just get up to the first \ in pParam1 and 2
and 3 are empty. I have tried other variants and still not passing
parameters correctly. I think my brain is just not in gear from lack of
sleep and I am missing something very obvious, but rather that beating
my head against a wall, I though I would ask and see if someone can give
me the correct syntax

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