Intego AV and Bloom filters

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jun 1 11:03:16 EDT 2016

Matthias' post last week about Intego AV turned out to have uncanny 
timing:  yesterday one of my customers wrote me concerned that Intego AV 
had flagged one of my products as possibly infected.

I wrote Intego's support yesterday, and in under 24 hours they took the 
time to check my app and confirm that it isn't infected, and have 
updated their filters so that they'll no longer flag my product.

I'm impressed.  If you're looking for an AV solution for Mac, Intego 
seems a good bet based on my experience dealing with their Support 
staff. If every other vendor I work with was half as responsive as 
Intego I'd be a happy man. :)

I've also asked them to check LiveCode itself, since it's likely the 
pattern that produced the false positive is in the engine.  I'm sure 
they'll do the same for LC as they did for my app, so going forward all 
of us LiveCoders should have one less support concern to think about.

All of this reminded me of how interesting Bloom filters are:

I can imagine ways they may be useful for some projects on the horizon, 
even being prone to false-positives as they are.  But I'm completely in 
the dark about how I might implement them in LiveCode.

Anyone here have routines to add and check items in a Bloom filter?

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