Menu Text Selection Bug

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Jun 1 00:35:48 CEST 2016

For anyone interested I have submitted Bug 17773 with 2 attached stacks. One is saved in 5.5 format for use with version 6.7, the other in 8.0 format. There is a popup menu and a button. The button attempts to select char 3 to -1 of the menu text. You will see that in the earlier version running under 6.7, it will successfully select the menu text. In the 8.0 format stack (running under 8.0 of course), whatever the menu selection currently is, the button will reset it to the first item, and not the selection specified, and will do so without generating an error. 

I am hoping this is not "intended" as I had a really cool script which would select all the text after whatever the user had already typed, progressively filtering the list of options. This stack will not do that, it will only select the text. DON'T try to type new text into the Option Menu as I neglected to remove the script that does all this, and it will attempt to pull the options from a property of the stack, which in this case will not exist. 

Bob S

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