What is the Viewport of LiveCode browser?

Andrew Bell andrew at midwestcoastmedia.com
Fri Jul 29 17:17:03 EDT 2016

I'm getting really weird rendering of an external web page being loaded 
in a LiveCode browser. The page renders using 'desktop' sized CSS it 
seems, but in a 'mobile' size window.

  - create a stack
  - add a browser widget
  - set the fullscreenmode of the stack

  - browser behaves like a desktop size screen

This seems to occur when the fullscreenmode of the stack is changed in 
preOpenScript (had been using "letterbox"). When no fullscreenmode is 
not enabled, the web page loads like a 'mobile' size should occur.

The "the rect of this card" doesn't change [0,0,375,667], but the "the 
rect of this stack" seems to change on fullscreenmode [581,265,956,932]. 
Is the stack actually presenting itself as a 956px wide Viewport to the 
web site? This would seem to explain the error. Also, in the IDE when in 
Edit mode the browser is on the card in proper location but in Run mode 
the browser seems to move.

Here is the offending web page: https://indianaontap.com/events/

I tested with mobileControlCreate as well as the browser widget: both 
have the same effect. This was on my SCRUM board for fixing, but Apple 
just rejected my latest app update because of this failing "Performance 
- 2.4.1" so it has jumped ahead on my to-do list.

Any ideas on the issue or a possible work around?

--Andrew Bell

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