A DataGrid is not a spreadsheet

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Fri Jul 29 22:55:22 CEST 2016

Do you mean that a standalone can allow text to be entered in cells like in a spreadsheet without further coding? Obviously one would need scripting to add spreadsheet-like functions such as arithmetic operations; and to extend the functionality to manipulation of formulae would be a major task. But just being able to “click in an empty cell and enter data” would be a good start.

I have always tried not to use Datagrids as the seem to me so extraordinarily complicated. But if one were to write a “simplified spreadsheet” widget, would a Datagrid be the place to start? In a way I suppose the web of functionality in a Datagrid makes it a kind of proto-widget.



> On 29 Jul 2016, at 21:57, Paul Dupuis <paul at researchware.com> wrote:
> On 7/28/2016 10:24 PM, Javier Miranda V. wrote:
>> Dear friends, is it safe to say that a data grid is not a spreadsheet? I mean, you can not create a new data grid and then just click in a empty cell and enter data. 
>> With some practice and reading documentation, I am able to populate a datagrid with data from a database, and using a Table field in situation in which the user must fill-in data seems limited.  
> Yes, a Datagrid can be used much like a Spreadsheet. If you create a new
> data grid on a card, you need to bring up the property inspector and add
> some columns ay 5 columns) and add some blank rows (say 10 cr's (i.e. 10
> blank lines))  to the content property. If you then close the property
> inspector and select the run tool, you can click in any cell of the 10r
> x 5c spreadsheet you made and enter data.
> You can fetch the data as tab and return delimited text by getting the
> dgText propert of the group that is the datagrid OR as an array by
> getting the dgData property.
> You do need to add some external controls to add rows and column OR sort
> of like excel, you could prepopulate it with 65535 blank rows and 676
> columns (A - ZZ) and trim off the blank columns and row on the right and
> bottom when you want to fetch the data.
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