Licensing AGAIN [was: Sharing FontLab Plugin]

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Fri Jul 22 12:07:28 EDT 2016

On 22/07/2016 16:53, Rick Harrison wrote:

> After this little debate, I will never touch any GPL license ever
> in the future.  In fact, I now consider the community version
> of LC to be worthless.  I’ve always had an indy type license of
> LC which I’m fine with.  I’m just now totally disappointed that
> I can’t even suggest the community version to my friends to
> try out since they wouldn’t be able to use any code generated
> by it to be used in a later commercial product after they have
> purchased an indy or business license.  What a waste.

The whole point of the open source version of LiveCode is that it's for 
making open source apps.  I'm actually quite shocked that this seems to 
have come as a surprise to you.

We have clearly been doing something very wrong in our communication 
about the open source version of LiveCode, and for that I am very sorry.

Also, don't forget that open source and commercial are not necessarily 
conflicting things.  There are many commercial products that are also 
Free Software distributed with the GPL license -- take the software 
running on your home's Internet router, for example; it is almost 
certainly running Linux which is GPL software _and_ also a commercial 

If someone wants to try out LiveCode with a view to making closed-source 
software, they can register for a free trial of LiveCode Indy here:


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