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Alex Tweedly alex at
Sat Jul 16 15:40:03 EDT 2016

It's certainly much improved - but still feels under-developed, or 
under-resourced. Certainly under-tested.

Five minutes playing shows up a variety of imperfections, ranging from 
trivial to fairly serious.

All with 8.1.0 DP2, Macbook Pro, OSX 10.10.5

1. trivial

1a. Initial display shows :   Sort by:  A to

That should of course be "A to Z" but the button isn't wide enough.

1b. Title (or headline) of the stack is "Livecode 7"

2. Minor.

2a. In list mode, the display shows a scrolling list of 10 items, plus 
on the right one larger one. This is often not upated when the 
selection/search changes - so it is displaying a stack which is nothing 
to do with the current selection or visible list.

2b. List of tags (I think that's what they are). They are completely 
random - no organization, not sorted (even alphabetic would be some 
help). And they appear to be any random tag someone entered; it's 
helpful to look fr a tag like "library" or "utility"  - but how much use 
is it to tag something as "Awesome" or "0m3ga" ?

3. More serious.

3a. When there is no internet connection, this is very poorly indicated. 
It's easy to miss the small text on the bottom line, so a search will 
display (sometimes) some subset of (I think) the already cached stacks - 
leading to a user believing it has done a search, and that there is no 
matching stack - when in fact there is simply no internet connection, 
and hence the search results are totally invalid. The indicator of no 
connection should be MUCH more visible - and maybe even things like 
search / filter should be disabled in that context.

3b. Display when no connection, and no cached items.

When in list mode, with nothing cached - the right hand (i.e. major) 
item shows a blank, incomplete template for a stack display. Looks 
really wrong. And the "download" button should be disabled (or 
preferably not visible). Clicking on it send the IDE out to lunch - 
windows and toolbar are unresponsive - though fortunately the menu bar 
is OK, so it's easy to Quit and restart.

4. Worrying.

The "status" display says "431 stacks online" - but selecting "All / 
All" says "showing 10 of 362 results".

Where are the other 71 ?

I'll submit these as bugs when I have time - but I don't yet feel 
inspired enough to spend any longer on revOnline just yet ...

-- Alex.

On 16/07/2016 09:15, [-hh] wrote:
> The revonline stacks *ARE* on github.
> Last change revonlinelibrary.rev: a year ago
> Last change revonline.rev: 3 months ago
> I wonder why Richard speaks of work-"load"
> of the core team by revOnline?
> Who did it last did it *very* good, runs stable.
> The database handling is a well working script.
> The display works well after updating preferences
> (don't use the old one from before the "rebirth"
> 3 months ago).
> Not sent from anybody's iPhone
> Lagi Pittas wrote
>> How about they put the source on GitHub and then we can make it what we
>> want ... And the core team can get on with the real work
>> How about it Richard?
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