Detect Return From Mobile Keyboard Without Native Field?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jul 14 15:26:12 EDT 2016

Scott Rossi wrote:

 > Thanks for checking Richard. How did you do your test?

I had the target field trap returnInField and display its text in a 
second field.

 > Using a Nexus 5X here, so recent hardware.  I place a standard
 > LiveCode field a card (nothing native), and in the card script:
 > on returnInField
 >    answer millisecs()
 > end returnInField
 > When I press characters on the mobile keyboard, they appear in the
 > field, but when I press return, the cursor moves in the field but
 > nothing else happens.

Did you include the Answer Dialog in the build?

 > To answer your question, focus has always been an issue for me on
 > Android.
 >  I need to track characters and jump between multiple fields of a long
 > registration key, which works as expected on iOS but unfortunately
 > not on Android.  The use of standard LC fields is a workaround.

You may want to go back to Plan A with a mobile-native field.  With an 
LC field we have no copy-and-paste, and the text selection behaviors are 
just so non-mobile that it's likely to frighten and confuse users.

I've had pretty good luck with focus in my Android builds, across a 
fairly wide range of devices (it's become a running gag in my house 
every time I come home with another cheap tablet to test on).

What issues were you having with that?

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