A bit RTF-ed off.

richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 04:10:37 EDT 2016

"What version of LC are you using for this?"

I was using 7.1.4.

I prepared the document to import in AbiWord ("Shabby Word"),
and a second time in LibreOffice 5.

Having said that: my last Stable release of my Devawriter Pro was 
authored with 4.5
and it imported RTF files that "Behaved themselves" completely.


On 07/08/2016 11:42 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> On 7/8/2016 10:31 AM, Richmond wrote:
>> So, I imported an RTF file into a list field and tired to look at 
>> char 3,
>> but I have a feeling that the RTF was piling in as double-byte stuff
>> as it didn't work at all.
>> When I copy-pasted the stuff out of the original RTF file intil a 
>> text file
>> and imported that (as Text rather than RTFtext) everything worked.
>> Would be grateful if someone "in the know" could either confirm
>> or put me right on this one.
> What version of LC are you using for this? If it's before version 7 
> then you probably need to play with uniEncode/decode from or to 
> UTF16/UTF8. (I don't remember the order of the transformations, you'd 
> know better than I. My brain erased everything I used to know about it 
> as soon as the ease of LC 7 appeared.)
> If it's LC 7 or higher then all text files are automatically converted 
> to UTF16 when you import them, but an RTF file probably needs to go 
> through textEncode before putting it into the field. It helps to know 
> what unicode the original is saved as, but when in doubt, it's usually 
> UTF8.

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