Windows shell craziness

Skip Kimpel skiplondon at
Tue Jul 5 17:22:13 EDT 2016

Before I go crazy trying to format this properly, how can I format a shell
call to program with "options?"

For instance I want to call fping.exe which is in the same folder as the
standalone.  However, the fping.exe command line should look like this:

fping.exe -l -n1

This is what is NOTworking:
   put fld "URL" into myURL
   set the hideConsoleWindows to true
   put "start c:\fping.exe "&myurl&"' -l -n 1'"  into myShell
   replace "'" with quote in myShell
   get shell(myShell)
   answer it

There is a need for quotes in order to make the switches work properly when
calling it this way from LiveCode.  It is something simple that I am
missing but it is driving me nuts!

Of course, I need to report back the results

As always, ANY help is greatly appreciated!


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