Single Common Group Across Multiple Stacks

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Jul 4 13:48:11 EDT 2016

yep, that request has been on the books since 2005 and I upvoted in March of this year…

So, it's back to a behavior script that is external to the binary stacks a subject we discussed in depth earlier. *unless* one can refer to a behavior in another stack that is not part of the same stack file… I'm not sure how that will work… to be tested.

'automate copying of the group"

That's an interesting option. I should try it.

Ideally it would look like this in the preopenstack handler of

[pseudo code]

Stack A
  copy group "navigation" of stack "loader" to me
  repeat for each card x in this stack,
                   place the group and set it's rect.
   end repeat

I wonder about performance. But if it worked this could be done dynamically and then it's "kinda like" setting the icon of a button… instead you are "setting the region of a stack" to that control by copying it and setting the rect.  but on the fly, run time.

Obviously bit hacky and a lot of work to get an "include" to work.

Angular is so sweet in this regard with the ability to replace vars in the page with entire html "objects"


Ben Rubinstein submitted a request for that:

In the meantime, the best we can do at the moment is to craft a tool
that emulates the benefits of that workflow by automating the copying of
a group to any stack that needs it.  Not nearly as convenient as a
viewer object, but only takes a few minutes to write, and if the group
being copied uses a behavior script at least the code always remains

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