[ANN] Release 8.1.0 DP 2

Warren Samples warren at warrensweb.us
Fri Jul 1 20:08:43 CEST 2016

On 07/01/2016 11:53 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Warren Samples wrote:
>  > The 64 bit LiveCode IDE fails to open for me under openSUSE Leap
>  > 42.1.
> ...
>  > The shell prints a backtrace. Would this be helpful to see? Running
>  > LiveCode through strace using some particular option?
>  >
>  > --------------- (end quote)---------------
>  >
>  > To clarify the last sentence of the first paragraph of the original
>  > (copied here from the dev list) post, simple standalones and LiveCode
>  > Server do work under Leap, it's the IDE that is the problem.
> Good sleuthing so far.  Narrowing it down to the IDE is especially
> useful, as it suggests something that may eventually affect standalones,
> since of course the IDE is just a collection of stacks itself.
> I'm not familiar with backtrace, but the output appears to be very
> different from strace.  Have you run strace?  To get going I wouldn't
> worry about flags, even the defaults would likely yield useful info.
> What's the bug report ID for this?  Maybe the logs should be included as
> attachments there.http://warren.ws/strace-LC-output.txt


I never filed a bug report. I reported my problem in a reply to another 
release announcement fairly recently and didn't receive any comment from 
any of the devs that have been generously participating on this list so 
I (perhaps stupidly and/or unfairly) took that to mean there was little 
interest in tackling it. Linux is not anything like a single target and 
we've all seen the dreaded "we can't reproduce it here" response that 
has to be as frustrating to the devs as it is to those of us who have 
the problem :D I'm grateful for the interest you and Mark Wieder have 
shown. I'm not averse to filing or contributing to bug reports and will 
do so with your encouragement.

The strace output, run without any flags, is 2.4 MB and 27,000+ lines. 
It means nothing to me, dilettante that I am. You can find it here: 
<http://warren.ws/strace-LC-output.txt> If you can think of any flags 
which might make it more manageable or useful, I will be happy to run it 


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