Ken Burn's Effect Library for Livecode

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Jan 29 17:25:33 EST 2016

Before I launch into this from ground zero.. has anyone developed a library for Ken Burns effects for still imagery in LiveCode?

Scott sent me a cool thing for zooming in and out… so then we just need to move the image along a path at the same time.

typical use case is the subtle and slow easing in of a photo or image as it enlarges or shrinks, normally this is done slowly enough so as not to be too jarring, with some narration. Entire feature length documentaries have been done with just moving stills and voice over.  I want to develop a set of generic tools and plan to use AnimationEngine to help… but  if there anyone has this already built, can you share?

e.g. Photograph fills the card window.. then slowly moves down to the left as we zoom in on some element in the upper right area of the photo.  Simple enough.

The toolbox would “log” a few actions just like you do in most video editors…

something like

1) snap current loc of image (store value)
2) Adjust photo to new zoom level an location
3) snap final location (store value)
4) prompt for time to move

Save as an array with something like


then you have a generic function

on runKenBurns tween-image_temple-under-tree

# run code here - that’s the art I’m going to build in the next day or so… unless someone has it already written

end runKenBurns


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