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Wed Jan 27 02:07:59 EST 2016

On 1/26/2016 10:07 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:
> @ Jaqueline… If you run a 16:9 —  1200 X 675 stack on an iPad. the card rect is still reported as 675 high even though the screen is 728 high
> set the bottom of grp “bottomNav”  to item 4 of (the rect of this card)
>   will float the group at 675, 53 pixels above the bottom edge (iPad height is  728)
>   if you could test using this kind of method instead.
> on preopenstack
>   put the effective stackRect into tBaseRect
>   set the bottom of grp “bottomToolBar” to item 4 of tBaseRect
> end preopenstack
> and see if that  sticks the control to the bottom edge of varying size/ratio android devices. That would be an interesting test.

I'm wrapped up in something else right now but I'll try to remember to 
test when I'm done. My original thought was to avoid use of "the rect" 
entirely and use relative positions instead, like "the right" or "the 
bottom", on the assumption the engine would know what to do. The rect is 
pixel-specific, where relative positions aren't (I think.) For example:

set the bottom of grp "bottomToolBar" to the bottom of this cd

Worth a try anyway. If I remember right, I used "the right of this cd" 
in Gurudeva and it worked on any screen. We didn't have to deal with 
tops and bottoms though, it was the width that varied.

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